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How to know a counterfeit Leptin product
Unfortunately, with many products that have a rapid growth and successful sales, it opens the market to illegal or counterfeit product sales...

Unfortunately, with many products that have a rapid  growth and successful sales, it opens the market to illegal or counterfeit  product sales. As with their illegal other habits, the companies that  'create' these counterfeit products show little regard for consumer  safety, they lure customers with low prices and with these low prices go low  quality, lower than you can imagine. 
We hear of stories of companies purchasing vegetable  powder, mixing it with coffee flavouring, placing into sachets and selling.  'One step up' from these companies are the ones that use vegetable or starch  powder, coffee flavouring and weight loss chemicals (amphetamines, etc),  this is their input into weight loss ingredients. They have equipment set up  in garages, bedrooms, etc, they mix with their hands - the list goes on.
in American Leptin we are fortunate enough to forget  that these practices really do take place in other countries. If you  suspect you have a fake or counterfeit Leptin product, we urge you to  query it with us or bring it to our attention.
We are committed to removing them from the market, when they realise  there is no return for them, the safer customers can be.

if you have any doubt about your Products please contact us, there is  the possibility the person you purchased off has previous stock, or  there is the other possibility. 

Don't take chances with your health, chemicals are not  metabolised like other ingredients, regardless of weight loss, you have  much more at risk.

Please beware ! Company under the name "Luen d.o.o" is not selling products from Smart Sense. Fake products may contain Dangerous chemicals. We will not take responsibility for those products.

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How to know a counterfeit Leptin product
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